This project will address these shortcomings by developing rapid reservoir modeling (RRM) software for prototyping complex reservoir models, by means of novel interactive modeling techniques, exploratory visualization, and numerical analysis. The new software will not replace existing workflows; rather, it will supplement them by allowing the rapid testing of geologic concepts and how these impact on reservoir behavior. RRM will also facilitate the generation of reservoir geometries and meshes for consistent input to seismic, geomodel, geomechanical and flow simulation models, and the preservation of quantitative, 3D conceptual models for use in other studies that can be easily modified. The software is differentiated from other products by the rapid and intuitive generation of reservoir geometries using sketch-based interfaces and modeling (SBIM).

The project leverages existing workflows and software packages, by integrating unique expertise at four world-leading research groups at the academic partner institutions. It is also underpinned by existing (joint) research activities carried out by a large body of PhD and MSc students and postdoctoral researchers. The final product will be based on software developed for 10+ years at the academic partners, but have interfaces to standard commercial reservoir modeling and simulation packages at any stage of the RRM workflow, allowing continuous interchange of data and models.