The overall aim of this project is to deliver rapid reservoir modeling (RRM) software that facilitates prototyping of complex reservoir models, by means of novel, interactive, modeling techniques, exploratory visualization, and numerical analysis. The objectives are:

  1. Rapid prototyping and multi-purpose testing of 3D geological scenarios (from outcrop to field and basin scale) constructed from sparse data using SBIM
  2. Full interfacing and leveraging with existing workflows and industry-standard commercial and in-house software packages
  3. Intuitive user interface that encourages natural collaboration of interdisciplinary teams of geologists, engineers, and geophysicists
  4. Geometry hub feeding seismic, geomodel, geomechanical and flow models with common geometries and mesh
  5. First-ever, real-time integration of reservoir modeling and characterization with automated analysis of essential dynamic patterns (flow, mechanics, seismics)
  6. Faster turnaround time compared to existing workflows
  7. Explore more uncertainties in reservoir modeling during appraisal and early development stage through rapid modification of reservoir geometry and characterization
  8. Rapid development of geological models from reservoir to outcrop and geological concepts, including a global database and Wiki of geological scenarios and petrophysical properties
  9. Develop tools in Open Source format for easy adaption in proprietary software