A key deliverable of the RRM project is the distribution of all algorithms and source code developed during the project to the industry partners. The industry partners are free to use the algorithms and code during/after the project, either to rewrite/adapt them for incorporation into proprietary workflows, or to liaise with commercial software developers to build their own RRM framework that interfaces with proprietary workflows and tools. It is hence not envisioned to patent algorithms or software unless all industrial partners agree that this should be done. Instead we will publish the generic features, but not implementation details, of the algorithms in peer-reviewed journals jointly with the industry partners after having obtained permission to do so. This ensures that the industrial partners maintain their competitive advantage in RRM.

Open Source

If software developments are based on Open Source code that is made available via the GPLv3 license, any new code will be released to the academic community only after suitable delay and publication of related papers. Again, this is to ensure the competitive advantage of the industry partners while providing full access to the numerical methods used in RRM.